Evaluation of Left Ventricular Function by Speckle Tracking Echocardiography in Patient Hospitalised in Intensive Care Unit for Vaso-occlusive Crisis

About the study

Vaso-occlusive crisis in Sickle cell disease might alter myocardial function through micro vascular obstruction. Evaluation of strain alteration using speckle tracking echocardiography is a non invasive technique that may allow us to observe such myocardial dysfunction. No such study has yet been conducted in patient hospitalised in intensive care unit. Our hypothesis is that strain alteration during vaso-occlusive crisis, if they do exist, can be correlated with other markers of myocardial injury such as troponin level or thoracic pain.

Study point of contact

Xavier Monnet, MD, PhD
00331 45 21 35 39
[email protected]


> 18 Years

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participation requirements

Hospitalisation in an intensive care unit for vaso-occlusive crisis

participation restrictions

Individuals under guardianship
Unsufficient echogenicity
Thoracic pain prohibiting echocardiography assessment

Last updated 2021-04-27