Evaluation of Vitamin D Deficiency Distribution in Children With Sickle Cell Disease Followed in Lyon, France

About the study

Vitamin D deficiency may be under-diagnosed in sickle cell disease French children. Therefore, the investigator need an epidemiologic study about the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in this specific population. There are not specific guidelines neither testing nor treatment. The investigator propose to test vitamin D status in all children with sickle cell disease who are consulting their referring haematologist doctor or in the emergency ward.

Study point of contact

Valérie LAUNAY, MD
04 27 85 62 13
[email protected]


< 17 Years

Study type






participation requirements

Children: under 18 years old
Sickle cell any genetic type homozygous or composite heterozygous
To receive an assessment independently of the study, during a presentation to the emergency ward and/or a follow-up consultation by the hematologist
no parental opposition signed by at least one parent/legal representative and no child opposition
social security beneficiary

participation restrictions

History of hematologic grafting

Last updated 2022-02-10