Neuropathic Pain in Jamaicans With Sickle Cell Disease

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Rachel Bartlett, RN
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Zachary Ramsay, MBBS
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About the study

Pain is the most common component of the morbidity seen in sickle cell disease (SCD), and may
be acute or chronic. It is most commonly acute and a result of the hallmark vaso-occlusive
episodes of the disease. Many patients however suffer from chronic pain – defined as pain
lasting over three months- with neuropathic pain being a component of chronic pain.
Neuropathic pain significantly contributes to the chronicity and morbidity of pain in SCD
patients, and is an inadequately managed complication. There is a paucity of literature
covering this area, and it has never been examined in the Jamaican population. The main
objective of this study is to determine the epidemiology of pain among Jamaicans with SCD,
and determine the prevalence of chronic and neuropathic pain among these patients. A second
objective is to validate, using gold-standard measures, screening tools to determine
neuropathic pain among the study population. This cross-sectional study will investigate the
prevalence of neuropathic pain and complications in a sample of persons with SCD in Jamaica
aged 14 years and older, with a validation sub-study to be conducted on a random 20 percent
of the sample. With improved diagnosis of neuropathic pain, clinicians may potentially
improve the management of pain in SCD, as clinicians should be able to direct our treatment
toward medications and non-pharmacological methods of pain relief that are more specific for
neuropathic pain. All data will be de-identified and maintained in a secure database, with
access limited to key personnel. There is very minimal risk to participants.

participation requirements

– Patients aged 14 and older, of any sex and genotype

– Informed consent/parental consent with child assent available

– In well state at time of study

participation restrictions

– Prior cerebrovascular accidents

– Acute illness at time of recruitment

– Current Pregnancy


  • Kingston, Jamaica, Caribbean Institute for Health Research, Kingston 7 [Recruiting]
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