A Single-Site Tissue Repository Providing Annotated Biospecimens for Approved Investigator-directed Biomedical Research Initiatives

About the study

To collect, preserve, and/or distribute annotated biospecimens and associated medical data to institutionally approved, investigator-directed biomedical research to discover and develop new treatments, diagnostics, and preventative methods for specific and complex conditions.

Study point of contact

Carolyn Bidwell
[email protected]


18 Years - 85 Years

Study type





Diagnostic Test

participation requirements

Persons 18 to 85 years of age at the date of informed consent.
If presenting with a history of a specific condition, the diagnosis is confirmable in the medical record or may be confirmed using other forms of verification including self-reporting.
Understands the procedures and requirements of the study by providing written informed consent (or verbal assent if a legally authorized representative will sign the ICF), including consent for authorization for protected health information disclosure.

participation restrictions

Persons younger than 18 years of age or older than 85 years of age at the date of informed consent.
Receipt of blood products 30 days before the study blood draw.
Receipt of an investigational (unapproved) drug 30 days before the study blood draw.
A confirmable diagnosis of any medical condition that would increase potential phlebotomy risks.
Has donated a unit of blood within the last 2 months at the date of informed consent.

Last updated 2022-11-22