Autologous Testicular Tissue Transplantation for Fertility Restoration

About the study

Freezing testicular tissue of prepubertal boys is a method for preserving spermatogonial stem cells (SSCs) in case of imminent gonadotoxic treatment during childhood. In case of total azoospermia in adulthood and presence of a childwish, the investigators intend to perform the first in men autologous testicular tissue transplantation to restore fertility.

Study point of contact

Veerle Vloeberghs, MD
[email protected]
Herman Tournaye, MD PhD
[email protected]


18 Years - 50 Years


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Study type






Gender Description

Male infertile survivors of childhood cancer or a hematological disease who underwent prepubertal testicular tissue cryopreservation in case of gonadotoxic treatment.

participation requirements

At least 18 years old
Desire to become a parent at the moment of intake
Stable relationship with a female partner and minimal one year cohabiting
Age of female partner < 43 year Azoospermia on 2 semen analyses Normal standardised preliminary and preoperative bloodsampling results Complete remission of the oncological or hematological disease Approval of the treating oncologist or other specialist in case of non-oncological disease as reason for the testicular tissue preservation as a child Risk for presence of malignant cells in testicular tissue is negligible (according to multidisciplinary assessment) Presence of SSCs (positive MAGE staining) in one or two of the thawed fragments (If absence of SSCs in two of the thawed fragments, the case will be discussed multidisciplinary) Written informed consent for the transplantation of cryopreserved testicular tissue and follow-up after the procedure and of children born eventually after this procedure

participation restrictions

Risk for presence of malignant cells in the testicular tissue
Contra-indication for surgery
Contra-indication for pregnancy in the female partner
BMI > 32
Heavy smoking (≥10 cigarettes/day)
Instable psychological condition

Last updated 2022-06-07