Measures of Respiratory Health

About the study

The Lung Clearance Index, measured by multiple breath washout, is a measure of lung function
that is considered a research tool in Canada as the device used to measure it is not approved
by Health Canada. The study will assess lung function in patients undergoing routine lung
function testing for clinical indications (Cystic Fibrosis and Other Respiratory Diseases).
In addition, healthy controls of different ages will be asked to perform this lung function
test to gain reference data that can be used to interpret LCI in patients with lung disease.

Study point of contact

Sanja Stanojevic, PhD
416-813-7654 ext 328077
[email protected]
Felix Ratjen, MD PhD
416-813-7654 ext 228472
[email protected]


1 Canada site


30 to 30 Years

Study type






participation requirements

1. 2.5 – 18 years of age at enrolment

2. Diagnosis of CF as evidenced by one or more clinical feature consistent with the CF
phenotype or positive CF newborn screen AND one or more of the following criteria:

1. A documented sweat chloride ≥ 60 mEq/L by quantitative pilocarpine iontophoresis

2. A documented genotype with two disease-causing mutations in the CFTR gene

3. Informed consent by participant, parent, or legal guardian

4. Ability to perform technically acceptable MBW measurements

participation restrictions

1. Physical findings at screening that would compromise the safety of the participant as
judged by the patient’s most responsible physician

2. Requirement of supplementary oxygen to maintain an oxygen saturation above 95%

Participants with other respiratory disease


  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada, The Hospital for Sick Children, M5G 1X8 [Recruiting]
Last updated 2021-02-01