Sickle Cell Disease Obstetric Multi-Disciplinary Care Programme: Prospective Multi-Centre Cohort Study

About the study

To implement an effective but low-cost strategy to decrease SCD maternal and perinatal mortality in Ghana. The objectives are to 1) assess the impact of a multidisciplinary SCD-obstetric team for decreasing mortality across three hospital sites in Ghana. 2) assess the implementation fidelity for 2a) preventing and 2b) treating acute chest syndrome in pregnant women with SCD admitted to the hospital. 3) standardize an ultrasound protocol for the prospective monitoring of fetal growth among pregnant women with SCD.

Study point of contact

Michael DeBaun, MD, MPH
[email protected]
Maya Chopra, BA
[email protected]


18 Years - 45 Years

Study type






participation requirements

All study participants will be adults between the reproductive ages of 18 to 45 years as defined by World Health Organization (WHO)
Confirmed SCD status by Hb-electrophoresis in alkaline medium
Pregnancy should be confirmed by urine or blood pregnancy test and pelvic ultrasound scan.

participation restrictions

All pregnant women without a confirmed Hb phenotype or electrophoresis report
All pregnant women with SCD who present to the Greater Accra Regional Hospital or Tamale Teaching Hospital for acute admissions, labor, and delivery
All pregnant women with SCD with undetermined Hb phenotypes on Hb electrophoresis.

Last updated 2022-04-14