Universal Genomic Newborn Screening in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation: Baby Detect

About the study

Newborn screening (NBS) is a global initiative of systematic testing at birth to identify babies with pre-defined severe but treatable conditions. With a simple blood test, rare genetic conditions can be easily detected, and the early start of transformative treatment will help avoid severe disabilities and increase the quality of life.

Baby Detect Project is an innovative NBS program using a panel of target sequencing that aims to identify 126 treatable severe early onset genetic diseases at birth caused by 361 genes. The list of diseases has been established in close collaboration with the Paediatricians of the University Hospital in Liege. The investigators use dedicated dried blood spots collected between the first day and 28 days of life of babies, after a consent sign by parents.

Study point of contact

Tamara Dangouloff
tamara.dango[email protected]
François Boemer
[email protected]


< 28 Days Years

Study type




participation requirements

newborn between birth and 28 days of life
consent of parent

participation restrictions

+ 28 days
Non consent of parent

Last updated 2023-01-24