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Making an Informed Decision As a Family

4 mins WATCH NOW

Jewel is a teenager living with sickle cell disease. She and her mother, Paula make informed decision about participating in clinical studies.

My Contribution to Clinical Studies

3 mins WATCH NOW

Ada Gonzalez lives with sickle cell disease and enrolled in a clinical study decades ago that she benefits from today.

Research for Adults Aging with Sickle Cell

3 mins WATCH NOW

Andre, an adult living with sickle cell disease, talks about the need for treatment options for the aging and future generations with sickle cell disease.

Research Updates

Sickle Cell Warrior Program from NMDP/Be The Match Helps Eliminate Barriers to Equitable Care

20 Sep 2022

The free program helps individuals become more care-prepared through information, resources, connections, counseling and support.

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Patients With Sickle Cell Disease Less Likely to Receive Specialized Care

16 Sep 2022

A recent analysis of Medicaid claims data found that individuals with sickle cell disease are seeing hematologists at a lower rate than patients with other chronic genetic diseases.

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With rare acquisition, Novo Nordisk makes $1B bet on sickle cell disease drug

07 Sep 2022

Danish drugmaker Novo Nordisk will spend $1.1 billion to acquire Forma Therapeutics, a 15-year-old biotechnology company that formed to discover cancer medicines but now has an experimental drug in late-stage testing for treating sickle cell disease.

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