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Sickle Cell Research Testimonials

Making an Informed Decision As a Family

4 mins WATCH NOW

Jewel is a teenager living with sickle cell disease. She and her mother, Paula make informed decision about participating in clinical studies.

My Contribution to Clinical Studies

3 mins WATCH NOW

Ada Gonzalez lives with sickle cell disease and enrolled in a clinical study decades ago that she benefits from today.

Research for Adults Aging with Sickle Cell

3 mins WATCH NOW

Andre, an adult living with sickle cell disease, talks about the need for treatment options for the aging and future generations with sickle cell disease.


Life of Young Mom with Sickle Cell Disease Improved by New Drug

01 Jun 2021

Patients at UConn Health’s New England Sickle Cell Institute have a range of advanced health management options available to them. But thanks to a new drug called Adakveo, her disease and quality of life, especially as a mother of 9-year-old son Jermaine, has become a little easier and more comfortable.

Endari Sickle Cell Therapy Now Under Review in Saudi Arabia

01 Jun 2021

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA), in Saudi Arabia, will review Emmaus Life Sciences’ application for the approval of its oral medication Endari (L-glutamine) for treating sickle cell disease (SCD).

On That Edge of Fear: One Woman’s Struggle With Sickle Cell Pain

30 May 2021

Promising developments in gene therapy have given people with the disease hope that a cure is on the way for an illness that often causes organ failure and premature death. But the first such therapy is more than a year from regulatory approval.

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